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  • How To Deal With Guilt

    How To Deal With Guilt

    This post was inspired by one of the bloggers — The Bipolar Gamer — who had recently spoken up about his experience with guilt. How do we cope with guilt and why do we feel so? It is not to indicate that we are bad people — on the contrary, and I will later explain…

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  • How to respond to aggressive behavior

    How to respond to aggressive behavior

    Before we jump into what actions we can take to respond to agressive behavior, let’s define it first: Agression is one of the anger styles which is aimed at harming a person or animal, or damaging physical property. You have most likely witnessed the following behavioral patterns: To be clear, violence is a subtype of…

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  • Getting along with others

    Getting along with others

    Can you have a good relationship with everyone? The answer is yes. It may be more difficult getting along with some people than the other, but it is possible. Our problem is — we apply the same approach to every person, expecting them to fit in our circle. When they don’t meet our expectation, our…

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  • Active listening is actually a thing

    Active listening is actually a thing

    My boss told me one time that I needed to work on my active listening skills. I didn’t know it was a problem in the first place. The more I thought of what she said to me, the more I started to notice something. In conversations I was hearing to respond myself, not to actually…

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