When we fail, we don’t

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When I fail, I take a step forward.

It is common knowledge that when we make mistakes, we fail; and that failure is a step back. In reality, it isn’t. Most of us have been told off for making a mistake at least once in our lives, but did we learn anything from it? Absolutely!

Despite the fact that some events are in the past, we still look back at them thinking, “If only I had an opportunity, I would go back and change everything”. We wholeheartedly believe we could make things better, but do we really need to? As a matter of fact, we tend to forget what we’ve learned to be the people we are today in the process that we don’t even notice.

What is truly happening, guilt is eating us inside. On top of that, we are oblivious of how proud we should be that we got a promotion or found a new job, changed apartments, started to learn a different language or a new project. We only care to remember when others praise us. But can we praise ourselves?

Easy said than done.

I didn’t say it was easy to look within and scroll through everything you have been through and acknowledge your past experiences. Some of us may struggle with anxiety or depression, or ADHD, or OCD, or negative thinking, or altogether; and the list can go on… Is any of this in your way?

Most of my life I spent in the darkness, hating myself and people. Others laughed at when I dreamed big. I was left helpless when I thought of trying. They believed I was stupid when I was simply afraid. I became a failure to myself and others because I was naive to trust their judgment. I have ADHD and anxiety which affected my education and social life. This made me struggle with severe depression. I would think negatively. Every day for years. Although, one day I looked inside of myself and saw that tiny light that was very dim. I could barely see it as it was hiding very deep for as long as I believed “I couldn’t do it”.

What is your definition of “failure”?

Why do we have the word “failure”? Everyone defines it differently even though there is a definition in the dictionary. Someone believes it reflects their overall ability to handle things. Someone sees it as an attempt that didn’t work. There is also someone who recognizes the opportunity to try again until they make it work. Why do struggle to be the last person? Because we always want to be first!

In this blog I will be covering why we struggle on a daily basis. How we can become better than we were yesterday despite the hardships. Whether it’s our relationships with others or our mental health.

Stay tuned for more!


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