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  • Negative self-talk and how to stop it

    Negative self-talk and how to stop it

    Are you testing yourself? How many people fall into a trap of negative self-talk at least once a week? I bet this number would sky rocket that any price of a stock on the market that is ready to launch into space. Yes, I’m talking about you. Negativity, unfortunately, is part of our lives and…

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  • Burnout and how to recover from it

    Burnout and how to recover from it

    Burnout as a stress reactor As it appeared to be, many people are experiencing burnout due to their stressors aggressively taking over their lives more and more these days. What we don’t realize is that we are burnt out, simply thinking we are tired. It’s partially true. Living to work is not what anyone wants…

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  • How To Deal With Guilt

    How To Deal With Guilt

    This post was inspired by one of the bloggers — The Bipolar Gamer — who had recently spoken up about his experience with guilt. How do we cope with guilt and why do we feel so? It is not to indicate that we are bad people — on the contrary, and I will later explain…

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Meet Me

Mental Health

Hanna Pashuk

My passion to help people has started to become more and more spiritual in the last six months. I have taken classes and courses that created a new vision for what contribution I want and can make in this world.

I have realized that studying psychology isn’t the only way to deliver a practical message of wisdom. It is also learning to see beyond myself and my own limitations and that essentially involves mediumship, accessing Akashic Records and card readings, which all offer truly amazing transformational value to each one of us when connected to with the intention of creating experiences at the level of the Divine Beings that we all are.

I provide services that include spiritual practices mentioned above. You can find them here!

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